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Cyber Concepts

    Cyber Concepts was created in 1989 to support customers of a business that was closing. After a short time, we were supporting trucking companies, creating shipping software and maintaining their computers.

    Back then, a XT with a 10 MB hard drive and a memory card with 640K of RAM running MSDOS 1.1 at 1 Mhz cost about $8,000, laptops, Wifi and DVDs did not even exist and the Internet was only used by the government.

    Today you can buy laptops that have a 320,000 MB hard drive, 4,000,000K RAM, a 17" flat screen monitor, Wifi, a built-in 2 mega-pixel camera and a DVD writer! Cell phones have far exceeded the capabilities of the XT!

    Cyber Concepts has been advancing also. Starting with a DOS-based shipment management programs to recently creating an advanced, windows-based route optimization program, with mapping and a GPS interface, server, WiFi and computer room installations, web site creation and administration, customized programming and hardware upgrades and repairs.

We are based in Phoenix, Arizona, but can service anywhere in the United States.

"There are 10 kinds of people, those who understand binary and those who don't."

Cyber Concepts Computer Consultants
Cyber Concepts Computer Consultants
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